Roof Cleaning Services

Roofing is a significant investment for any homeowner and deserves to be safeguarded. Reflections Exterior Services is proud to offer no pressure roof cleaning that supports maximal roof longevity and increases curb appeal.

Roof discoloration is often caused by the airborne algae Gloeocapsa magma. It thrives in Delmarva’s humid, damp climate and feeds off the limestone filler in roof shingles. Growth typically begins on the northernmost side of roofs where there is little sunlight. When sun exposure does occur, G. magma produces a dark outer sheathing to protect itself, resulting in the black streaks you see on your roof.

Black streaks are more than just a cosmetic problem- they can lead to premature deterioration of your roof! As G. magma colonies mature, the black streaks on your roof darken and expand. This leads to increased moisture being held to the roof and provides the perfect ‘soil’ for mold, moss and lichen. When moss and lichen grow, their root systems penetrate the shingles and lift them out of place. This threatens the integrity of your roof and can lead to early replacement.

In addition, dirty roofs…

  • Are unsightly and age the appearance of a home
  • Catch the eye of HOA’s and can lead to fines
  • Lower property values and make selling a home difficult
  • Impact insurance rates and can lead to policy refusal

Call us today to clean your roof and protect your investment!

As recommended by roofing manufacturers, we use a non-pressure application of specialized detergents to safely clean your roof. Treatment effectively kills all growth at the root level and prevents further damage to your shingles. Depending on the severity of the growth, you can expect the following results:

  • Algae (black streaks) will disappear completely or turn light brown and wash away after a few rains.
  • Moss will turn tan/ white and may take longer to wash away as roots release from the shingles.
  • Lichen will turn tan/ white and may take weeks or months to wash away because the root system is deep.

While dead moss and lichen may persist on the roof for a time, they will wash away. Rinsing for immediate results is not recommended as this could dislodge granules from the shingles and cause further damage.

While each home is different, a typical roof cleaning will last about 3-5 years. Variables that may alter this range include the positioning of your home (i.e., facing north or south), the type of seasons we experience (i.e., unusually wet or dry), and tree overhang. In the case of tree overhang, which is often the culprit behind moss and lichen, regular maintenance may be required to keep the roof clean unless branches are trimmed back.

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